by Sybil Smith



Sybil Smith's upcoming third metal album.


released August 12, 2014

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sybil Smith at Shock City and DiM Studios. Additional background vocals by Kris Brandt. Photography by Alex White. Artwork by Walter Ritchey of Neo Arcadian Design.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Sybil Smith

Sybil Smith is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer from St. Louis. All music is composed and recorded by Smith, unless noted. For contact please email

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Track Name: Which Witch Sings White
Which Witch Sings White:

Cease the Slow Breath’s life
And I, Mary, the pesticide
Will declare
Which witch sings white

Which witch sings white
In twelve finger eye

Free from the womb
The afterbirth I left behind
Develop and create
A new synthetic lifeline
Seven years ago
Oh why did my porcelain heart
Open it’s world
To this door

Collected I said
Naturally they’re red
In search of flight
From the witch that sings white

Nomadic to the dramatics
Under a spell of anyone that cares
Now which white sings white
In the twelve finger eye

Which witch sings white
In the twelve finger eye
Track Name: Land Of Ashes
Land Of Ashes:

In The land of ashes
Countless nights flicker away
The medicinal acquaintance
The shake in these bones can’t hold me down
Time release words
Stuck in the center of your touch
Chaotic hummingbirds
Tell us what to feel

She said she hadn't a clue
Or the strength to pursue
A beating heart
Pulsating her desires

Without doubt
I gave her my hand
To live freely

So it was said
To the land of ashes

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sybil Smith at DiM Studios. Creative Commons Copyright 2014.
Track Name: Cosmic Sunset
How do you spit a heart attack
Into an icy blue ocean
And Mary said 1215225
And put the world in it’s motion
Lisabeth swang too high
And watched herself hit the ground
Took a chance
Never pulled the trigger
Isolated into her thoughts

The truth plumed with the smoke
Like a capsule into emotion
And two together they drowned
Into silence, into fear

Forever unknown
How to define their existence
And with the wind they blow
Into love and into death

The panic said to himself
No matter what happens
There is no other person
In this world left for me
Track Name: The Troubled Deaf
Hard to say why I feel this way
But it’s so simple
And I could never ever resonate
A song that would define you

Is it cliché
To talk to myself
About this consistency
Of doubt

With this clout
I sever the knuckles
Only to breathe again
And to focus out
On what’s real

I can’t tell how I made it this far
Into this dream of fantasy
Between everything I once loved
And now I am falling
In these notes
And in these fears
I’m so helpless
To myself

Through slow breath
I resurrect a title I sold away
For the sake of sanity
The name is Mary

And now I can't tell you how
I came to be this foul
And I don't feel
Any need to forgive you
Track Name: Within Oblivion
I can't remember the sound
We used to share
And I’m lost in the ashes
Of our fairy tale

Within oblivion we stay
In the shallow meaning of our names
And the light is disguised
To keep us from our own lies

Inhale God’s sweet breath
To escape
This empty feeling
I hesitate
To numb all pain
For what it is I can’t create
A meaningful word that could relate

Within oblivion we play
Traumatic ecstatic and theatric
We do, I don’t, You do, I won’t
Become another lost soul in this cage

I don’t know where to find you
Within oblivion
And I don’t feel anymore
You’ll never be the one for me

Through the vibrating stars
Glistening and telling our stories
So we can hear each other
Once again
And I never will know
How to hold your hand in

This oblivion
Track Name: Film For A Dream
Wake up to spit the blood
Of all your dreams
Into a vortex
Of hallowed ween
Corrupted to corrode
Like painted fingernails
Of red
Left to be black
When Hell is coming back

Shadows tick the tock
With fear comes great suffering
In a world unlocked
The invisible ghost
Still creates an image
All of the world
Becomes so tangible
So without limitations
I see lucid imitations

Inside they pry
Open our hearts
And sell them to the sky
Where they fly
Colored by one’s
Inner beauty

They don’t breathe
And they succeed
To retreat into
What we cannot ever be
Can never be

The lightening will always shine
But this dream won’t ever come alive
Track Name: Anne
Wake up to see the sky
I lived through another day
And it’s no thanks to you
I know that

I don’t want to be alone
When you’re sitting right next to me
I don’t want to fall in love
With your insincerity
I don’t want to be one you call
When it’s convenient for you
I don’t want to be
In your life

No more
I don’t want to be
In your life

There’s still one thing I'd like to know
Are you happy, are you happy?

Some people will come and go
And some others will you break heart
But you have to get back up
I don’t want to be alone
When you’re sitting right next to me
I don’t want to be
In your life
Track Name: Fräulein
Of What thanks do I make
To the years of promise
And what roads do I take
To be free from you
I feel I need to say this
One more time
I feel I should have
Said this quite some time

Stop telling me to love you
Stop telling me everything will be alright

Crucify all sense of humanity
Within all reason tear everything fucking down
Track Name: Avoid The Void
Avoid The Void by Sybil Smith from the new album Afterbirth.

Rip the soul out of the body
Take it now, I said please be careful
We don't want to harm it
Save all the scars
And label them date by date
Incase we change our mind

Cut out all the eyes
Take them out, I said be please careful
We can't afford to replace
All of this empty space
Forget everything you once knew
Rid yourself, I said be please careful
Can't afford to lose
Your, your, your,
Your mind.

Hourglass of thought
Corroding everything
We once were taught
Into a spiral dimension
Constantly on repeat
We are nothing more
Than a digital timeline
To be found

Avoid the void
Avoid the void

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sybil Smith at DiM Studios. Creative Commons Copyright 2014