Dead Society EP

by LoFa

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New Lofa EP Dead Society, out on Valentine's Day!


released February 14, 2013

Lofa - Vocals, and lyrics
Sybil Smith - Producer, Engineer, Artwork, Vocals
Daniel Horrell - Background vocals
Samantha Davis - Background vocals
Alex White - Photography, producer, background vocals
Jason Sackett - Artwork

Recorded at Shock City Studios by Sybil Smith




Sybil Smith

Sybil Smith is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer from St. Louis. All music is composed and recorded by Smith, unless noted. For contact please email

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Track Name: LoFa - PandaNH4+
I got these devils in my rear view; angels on each shoulder
holdin' my composure when I spit to keep my heart from growing colder
People quote a couple lyrics, do they really feel the same?
---- Do they really feel connected enough to focus on the pain?
I don't even know, but I don't care no more
if I'm living my way, I'm gonna get it my way
I got an image to paint, you got attention to pay
I jot it all in my pad and depict it as fate----
It's time we build a new foundation;
broadcast this through the nation, empower the population,

changing the station, reaching new frequencies, I use these three eyes frequently
They say my shit's for fucking hipsters just because they feelin' me
If they speak to me, I speak to them- spark a tree up in the sky just to dream again
Breathe it in, breathe it in, they got us sellin' drugs just to feed the pen...

Fuck that - all these kids coming for the throne just want they lives back
We want - food on our plates, gotta get a taste so we fight back
We aint in the same place or the same race let alone even close to the right track
but we really need to get it right fast; Revolution all through tonight's path

Fuck laws, we just break 'em - through documentation
We see everything, so it's hard to be patient
No longer we waiting for shit to go right, it's time we invade 'em lets load up and fight
Are you loaded to fight? Lets play with the thieves
who plant seeds in the dirt with destruction and greed
the people must have agreed to let corruption just breed
in these streets everyday; we get fucked up and read
into every little piece of information thrown in front of us
we gunnin' up and taking over blocks until we govern us
Muthafucka ya governors, triple that for evil people tryna cover up --
their lies, trouble bubbles up...
Yeah, I'm in a pestilent state taking drugs to escape
Got some crown and a cape and the people's voice up in me
I'm as loud as a semi, I'm letting loose and in my twenties